When you are considering renting out your property in this region please send us an e-mail or give us a call + 31 (0)183 – 66 55 89 so we can arrange a visit to your property and discuss the possibilities.

Area of expertise

We are positioned in the beautiful area of Riverland in the middle of Holland located between the rivers the Lek, the Merwede and the Waal. Surrounding areas are Tiel, Culemborg, Vianen, Papendrecht and Geertruidenberg. Whether it be a single room, a studio, an apartment, a bungalow, house, villa or mansion that you want to lease. We can help you! Your property will be offered on the website with complete consideration of your privacy, wishes and budget; you are still in charge of your own property.

Potential Clients

The tenants whom are looking for housing are diverse in social background and occupation. It could be for example foreign project workers, people waiting for their new house to be finalized, ex-pats, people in relation problems, starters, students etc.

We will gladly explain to you the possibilities that are there and the way that we work.