Making a difference with heart for people

It all began in the summer of 1998 when colleagues started to enquire for housing when I worked at an international operating dredging company here in town. Trying to locate housing for them in my spare time in the evening hours proved to be not so easy.

Later on I concluded there could be a little hole in the local housing market. Along came the support from a real estate friend and agent in Holland to start my own business in Gorinchem. So, I jumped in! Looking back I can say that I am truly blessed. Gently I saw Trijs & Partners begin to grow to a rental company with more than 250 properties rented out and aprox 25 regularly available on this website.

Renting and Letting in green Riverland

It also was a friend of mine who thought of the company name: Trijs & Partners. ‘Trijs’: a shortcut of my last name ‘Trijsburg’ and ‘& Partners’ the landlord/owners that trust me with their property and the tenant that trust me to find suitable property. In daily practice I discovered how complicated renting a house can be. BUT: I like it! And I absolutely LOVE seeing happy faces!

With respect I may say that all the local real estate agents are now recommending people to my company. The international local businesses are regular customers as they search for fair housing for their employees. Everybody who is looking for housing will receive an answer to their questions. Within reasonable standards I do my utmost best to find housing for you. I do give ´no´ for an answer if necessary to save you your registration fee.

Take a look at the rental properties on this website to view over a minimum of 25 properties that are refreshed every 48 hours by new or returning properties and make your choice!