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‘t Tuighuis
Schuttersgracht 49


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You can find our office by walking back in time over the bridge from the
station to the centre and to the ancient Tuighuis also named ‘Arsenaal’.
In this building which is a listed building are renovated studio’s and
several. We lease one of the front studio’s named ‘atelier’. The monument
is dated 1755 and gave room to soldiers and their guns, weapons and armours.
The building is enclosing a peaceful courtyard with beautiful trees,
‘an true oasis’.This is also our postal address.

We are often on location. If I am not in, do ring the electronic doorbell
to contact me or give us a call and we will get back to you. You are most
welcome to call or arrange a visit. E-mail us at

Our office is to be reached by phone Monday to Friday 9.00h am till 1700h pm.

We like to honour yours and our schedules and prefer that we make an appointment.
By making an appointment at a time best suited to both we are able to give you
and your queries the full attention that is necessary and in an atmosphere of privacy…



Parking is a challenge if you don’t know our local rules you may get an unexpected
ticket. In general you need to have a so called ‘chipknip’. Only at the Groenmarkt
(main square in town) and at the parking garages can you pay with coins. In front
of our office there are ‘chipknip’ parking possibilities.



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